Spanish translation rights 'The Machine' sold!
The Machine gets bigger and bigger! The translation rights have been sold to Spanish publisher Libros de Cabecera.

Spanish translation rights 'The Machine' sold!

Published on 6 October, 2022 at 4:29 pm, updated on 6 October, 2022 at 4:34 pm

"It is a pleasure to collaborate in the translation of this book full of insights that will surely help the next generation of tech and travel entrepreneurs have a multi-stage road map from startup to publicly traded company. A true glimse into its multi-faced and enriched personal views." - Toni Raurich-Marcet, former Innovation Vice president at Booking.com⁠

Booking.com, one of the richest and most successful internet companies in Europe, has been a mystery for twenty-five years. Everyone knows the website, but no one knows the people and the stories behind this deeply Dutch company in U.S. hands. Until now. Three journalists from the major Dutch NRC newspaper present a detailed reconstruction of the dark internetfairy tale of Booking.com,froman idea built by a group ofengineering studentsin Twentein thelate 1990s to its development into the largest and most powerful hotel booking platforminworld. This is the never-before told story of Booking’s rise, zenith and moral decay; of extravagant parties, runaway internet experiments, duped shareholders, manhandling managers and boardroom squabbles. Above all, it is the story of a company that built the supreme online money-making machine, but in theeternal quest for more, forgot the human beings behind it.

Auteur: Stijn Bronzwaer

Stijn Bronzwaer (1981) schrijft over technologie en werkt sinds 2007 voor NRC. Eerder was hij onder meer adjunct-hoofdredacteur en chef van de mediaredactie.

Auteur: Joris Kooiman

Joris Kooiman is financieel journalist. Hij begon in 2011 bij Het Financieele Dagblad en stapte in 2017 over naar NRC. Voor het FD was hij onder meer correspondent in Berlijn.

Auteur: Merijn Rengers

Merijn Rengers (1973) is onderzoeksjournalist en werkt sinds 2015 voor NRC. Eerder werkte hij twaalf jaar voor de Volkskrant. Hij won diverse journalistieke prijzen, waaronder twee keer de Tegel (voor verhalen over groene subsidies en diplomafraude).

Stijn Bronzwaer, Merijn Rengers en Joris Kooiman - De Machine
Stijn Bronzwaer, Merijn Rengers en Joris Kooiman

Drie NRC-journalisten doorgronden Booking.com

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