Overamstel Uitgevers office view
About us

Overamstel Uitgevers has offices in Amsterdam and Antwerp. We house the imprints Carrera Culinair, Hollands Diep, Horizon, Inside, Lebowski Publishers, Moon, Murrow, The House of Books and Rainbow. Overamstel is the place for fiction, non-fiction, cookery books, sport biographies, history, children’s books and YA.

First impressions on walking through the doors are our high palm trees gently swaying in the air-conditioning’s draft. This is followed by the hard to ignore multi-storey bookchest. Instantly clear is the open, spacious, character of the building. Sales, marketing and PR dominating the middle ground, flanked by the imprints on all sides. We have an open-door policy in an office – fittingly - without doors.   

In spite of working from a distance during COVID, this has symbolically remained our set up: a strong central organization serving the finer, specialist imprints. Every book is made by editing teams each with its own specialisation. This is how the imprints can properly embrace their authors, giving their books all the attention they deserve. Meanwhile, these imprints don’t need to operate as independent islands.  

What else do we stand for at Overamstel? We like to innovate. eBooks and audiobooks have become commonplace; we were the early adopters of these new publishing practices. In the field of pr, sales, marketing and rights we deliver tailor made creative solutions.

Our editors look after authors across the whole spectrum, from debutants to household names! We’re constantly on the lookout for new voices, investing time and resources in fresh talent. 

With major clout and an eye for detail, that’s how we get to work.

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