On October 11 the theatrical adaption of 'Lighter than I' will premiere in Dutch theatres
The successful novel by Dido Michielsen is brought to the theatres by Korthals Stuurman Theaterbureau. You can find a trailer of the piece below. 

On October 11 the theatrical adaption of 'Lighter than I' will premiere in Dutch theatres

Published on 9 September, 2021 at 10:58 am, updated on 12 October, 2021 at 10:19 am

Translation rights of the book were previously sold to Indonesia (Marjin Kiri Publisher). 

About Lighter than I
Yokya, Java, 1850. Isah is the daughter of the sultan’s tailor. Her life and position in the strongly hierarchical culture of colonial Java seem to be predetermined. However, Isah possesses an extraordinary determination and a willful character. She takes control of her destiny and escapes her arranged marriage by starting an afair with a ‘Belanda’, a Dutchman stationed on Java. But what does she have to sacrifce to provide her two daughters of mixed blood with a life better than her own? Lighter than I is a moving, historical novel about desire and identity in the Dutch East Indies of the late nineteenth century. It was awarded with the Dutch Booksellers Prize and shortlisted for both the Hebban Debut Prize as the Libris Literatuurprijs. 

Auteur: Dido Michielsen

Dido Michielsen liet zich voor haar romandebuut Lichter dan ik inspireren door het leven van haar betovergrootmoeder. Eerder schreef zij Dochters van ver, Lisa & Lin: Vijf weken terug in China en De redding van de familie Van Cleeff.

Dido Michielsen - Lichter dan ik
Dido Michielsen

Het aangrijpende levensverhaal van een Javaanse vrouw die haar leven vorm probeert te geven in de snel veranderende kolonie Nederlands-Indië.

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